Friday, 10 June 2011

@Phil: Final Animation

Hello Phil

Really sorry I couldnt make it in today, but something urgent popped up which I couldnt exactly avoid and it messed up my schedule completely, I'm gutted.

Anyway, heres my animation

Pericarditis: Caused via Echovirus from Sean Smith DeRizzio on Vimeo.

The Art Of: Pericarditis

Art of Pericarditis

Final Script

Final Pericarditis Animation Script

Skinning Tutorials

Decided to do the tutorials using my own model since it makes sense rather then having to do the same thing twice.

Skinning Part 1: Weight Normalisation & The Component Editor
Skinning Part 2: Painting Weights

Skinning Tutorial Part 1&2 from Sean Smith DeRizzio on Vimeo.

Monday, 6 June 2011

@Phil: Pre-Vis!

Its a bit jumpy (i dont know why) but this is what i will try to follow during the real thing

Some screenshots of my animation

This is how things look atm. Its going to be extremely hard to render it all out in time but im willng to at least try.

Virus Textured

Finally got some colour on the virus. Improved slightly from the initial design. Im still having problems matching up the texture around the whole body but this works still.

Maya Dynamics Tutorial: Rotation Control

Virus emitting its minions

Friday, 3 June 2011

@Phil: 3D Models

Virus Minion:

Virus Glow Test 1

Virus Glow Test 2

Minion UV





Virus UV

Virus Mapped
I havent actually managed to texture the boss virus yet as im still finding a way around certain parts not matching up (where the joints meet the main body). Will get it done soon.

@Phil: Animatic

Here is the final animatic for my upcoming Pericarditis animation, along with the finished still slides


@Phil: Storyboard