Monday, 23 January 2012

My Overall Contribution to "Night Of The Monsters" by Silver Talon Studios

Pre Production

Research;- Concepts relating to the story
Research;- Animals (Tarsier)
Research;- B-Movie Trailers
Research;- B-Movie Characters & Themes
Research;- Culture, Fashion, Environment & Era
Research;- Monsters (B-Movie Styled)
Research;- Owls (For Owl Monster)

Development;- Monster Designs
Development;- Panther Man
Development;- Panther Man (Continued)
Development;- Bird Man Concepts
Development;- Environment Design
Development;- Military Base & Science Lab Designs


Concept Art;- Environment Concept Using The NEW Adopted Style (Gas Station)
Concept Art;- Gas Station (Revamped)
Concept Art;- Military Base
Concept Art;- Science Lab
Concept Art;- Science Lab (w/Added Cages)
Concept Art;- Town & Alleyway Designs (Pencil)
Concept Art;- Alleyway (Final)
Concept Art;- Town (Final)
Concept Art;- Poster

Modelling;- Jeep (For Military Base)
Modelling;- Military Base
Modelling;- Aeroplane
Modelling;- Military Base Facility Building

Rendering;- Promotional Screenshots

Narrative:- Night Of The Monsters Final Animation

Night of the Monsters

Weight Lifting Tut

Weight Lifting Tut- Blocking (with Tweaks)

This was the third block edit

Mustang Tutorials

Maya Cartoon Character

Finally finished this tutorial, I havent posted any of this one so I will try and post it all in order.

Part 1: Modelling

1- Top

2- Legs

3- Body & Shoes

4- Arms, body & shoes

5- Cartoon character body

6- Character blocking head, eye, mouth

7- Head, Hair, Eyebrow Final

Part 2- UV

Render & Final Model Adjustments

<><> Part 3- Skinning
Part 4- Rigging
Foot Roll

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Narrative: Poster Attempt

Im not sure if this is exactly what your looking for Molly, but heres a poster i've put together

And another composition image experiment

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Narrative: Aeroplane

Non Smoothed 1

Smoothed 1

Non Smoothed 2

Smoothed 2

Non Smoothed 3

Smoothed 3

Narrative: Military Base

I can only use one jeep due to toon shader issues once I duplicate it, but heres the base. Just need to re-do the trees as they got deleted. Is there anything else that needs adding?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Narrative: Military Jeep

So im back from my new years getaway, time to crack on with the project again.

I've started off with making a military jeep, which will go in the base, to practice with texturing it in the distinct toon style

Its a bit rough around the wheel area, dont know whether to leave it or not.