Thursday, 15 December 2011

Town Concept

Neeeeearrly finished, just gotta fill in the streetlamps. The size of the outline to be used for the final with be decided as a group.

Normal Outline

Slightly Thicker Outline

Narrative: Alleyway Coloured

Narrative: Town Concepts

Above is the town concept. I've added the little alley way on the left hand side. I havent added the streetlights yet as I feel they dont really fit well in the scene the way they are atm, I will try and tweak them to make them more fitting.

Decided to also do a design for the alley way

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Narrative: Science Lab

Not too sure about this one tbh. Inside space is something else when using this style!!

Narrative: Military Base

Heres the outcomes for the military base. One has more outlines then the other, dunno which one to use yet so will think about it later.

Military Base Final

Military Base Final v2

Narrative: Gas Station

Final Gas Station Design

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Narrative: Environment Design

Military Base Ideas:




Science Lab Ideas:







I kinda like #3 for the military base and #4 for the lab. I can also add things once it goes into Illustrator

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Character Design Classwork Links

I began the course in week 2, so..

Week 2: Shapes

Week 3: Drawing in the 3rd diension (body shapes and faces)

Week 4: Drawing Stuff

Week 5: Personality; The Sparks Of Life

Week 6: Distinctive Characters

Week 7: Monsters & Creatures

Week 8: Working In The Real World (Jetpack Jones)

Week 9: Setting The Scene

Week 10: Submission & Critique

Character Design Presentation: The Ninja Scrolls

The Ninja Scrolls Presentation

Expression Sheets




Character Design Week 9: The Stark Tower

Week 9's lesson was all about "setting the scene". I was given two words, "stark tower", in which I had to use to make a scene around

As you can most probably tell from these scribbles of towers, I wasn't too keen on the task. With deadlines looming, and character design class suddenly switching to environments in the last week, I couldnt really focus on the task at hand very well..

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sidekick Design

Wasn't quite happy with the previous approach to Glyth, so trying again.

He's not quite the same as the original plan, but i'll go with it a bit and see what happens. It doesnt help that i'm not all that at drawing birds, but hey. I think making him a more simple design will make him look more lovable, cute and not so serious. He IS a sidekick for the good guy after all..

Sidekick Development

Character Design; Cartoon Title

An attempt to get the ball rolling on finalising this project.

p.s- The reason my last name is initials is so it fits on the scroll.

Character Size Comparison Chart

Sidekick Influence Map

Glyph (Sidekick) Turnaround

Sidekick Development Sum-Up

I've had troubles with the sidekick character, jumping from mystical bird black cats and back to more traditionl birds. These are the little designs I had lined up to resolve what I was goin to do. I tend to not spend a lot of time on designs in which im not confindent will go towards being a finalized concept, hence the quik sketchwork.

This was my very first idea, I wanted to "create" a bird like creature from imagination, however I was told this wasnt a good idea..This was inspired by the bird from "The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker"

Cat sidekick, for the ninja

Big Cat design

Here I turned to more traditional birds, such as doves.

These were designs that I particularly liked, but still went ahead a bit more just to see what else I could do. The sidekick at this point was not intended for the musketeer.

These were the last designs I done before focusing on my final, resolved idea. I went from a dove, to a small sparrow like bird, finally to a slightly bigger falcon hybrid which I decided to stick with.