Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Character Exercise:- Ninja Silhouettes

So today we focused on designing distinct looking characters using ONLY silhouettes. The character should be easily identifiable in terms of faction (whether he is good or evil), type and by what he/she may be holding. I was given a ninja to work with (yay!).

I wasn't quite getting the hang of i, until I incorporated the weight and bagginess of the clothing

As I said, I wasnt getting the whole idea when drawing as I was only drawing a man in ninja-like positions, that was until Justin went on to talk about clothing and how to draw different types of clothing depending on is type and weight.

Demin and leather are more likely to weight more ten silk, so fold in the material are likely to be fewer but larger. Silk is lights so will be very wavy when worn or hung from something.

I had to then experiment with these theories using a cowboy

Focussed more on the trousers a cowboy wears, just to knuckle down on the material exercise. Oh and another ninja silhouette.

Different types of folds used for different materials, as explained

I enjoyed today as I have always HATED drawing material such as denim. It always phased me as to how to draw them (like what direction the materials should flow in, the ruffles on the tighter parts of the body like around the belly and thigh, where it should be heavier and lighter and etc). Today i've learnt about all of those elements and will carry it through to my future designs.

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