Monday, 10 October 2011

@Justin:- Synopsis Ideas

#1  Musketeer = TBC    Ninja = TBC

The Musketeer and the Ninja battle it out after conflicts arise from the trading of goods, ranging from silk and tea from the east, to different types of metal and crystal from Europe and the west. There have been a number of complications from both sides in recieving the goods and each suspect the other is trying to con them. What really happened is that the goods have infact been sent out as usual, but have been lost/stolen in transit through India and the midle east, neither faction know of this however...

With this scenario is it hard to decide who is good and evil, but I plan on going a bit mythical with the inja and more majestic with the musketeer.

Suggesting the ninja possesses mystical powers they have said to have had in Chinese and Japanese folklore, and incorporating the iconic "black-clad" look of a ninja/shinobi, I hope to make him come across as the more unpredicable character whos morals and "end-game" goals are shrouded in mystery, more or less unknown to anyone but himself. This will make him look more like the baddie.

The Musketeer will approached more generically, with changes based mostly on his origin.

There will be a mash up of the times with this synopsis (which is almost unavoidable anyway when dealing with musketeers and ninjas) but the ninjas will start their attack on the French Indochina in Vietnam. This, in turn, is what causes the Frence Musketeers of France to react.

Although this plot comes across as quite serious, suited more for a hyper realistic type of project, I plan to convey it in a more light hearted way. Yes there will be battle, but the characters will still have a comical cartoony style to them.

#2  Musketeer = Evil   Ninja = Good

The Musketeers are ordered by their King to fight their way into china to steal/aquire an ancient artifact, known to hold the secrets to all the ninjas TRUE powers and inner strengths. The ninjas ofc ourse do not want to share this secret with anybody, in fear it will fall into the wrong hands. Thus the fight begins.

Two factions fight it out

#3   Musketeer = Evil     Ninja = Good

Japanese peasants are held captive by the musketeers from the last invasion on Japan. They are used like slaves by the King and his chosen musketeers to cook and clean up after them. Little do they know what these peasants are secretly plotting to escape using martial arts and tactics learnt back home. Once the peasants are all fully trained up to be great ninja's, they undergo their plans to fight their way to freedom.

#4   Musketeer = Evil      Ninja = Good

The King orders a head Musketeer to kill a kung-fu master (out of paranoia) in fear he was training monks and ninja's to plot against him.

20 years later, the kung-fu masters son now seeks revenge and must fight through an army of musketeers to reach the King. These however are the finest musketeers around and are lead by the main and best musketeer alive! Will our young ninja achieve his goal, or will he end up like his father?

#4 (alt)   Musketeer = Good   Ninja = Evil

(This idea is basically just a switch of roles from #4)

The Great Sensei of a martial arts school in China issues a skilled ninja to assasinate the King of the west, after female ninja's had reported back that the King was soon going to invade China.

8 years later, the noblest and bravest of musketeers plan their revenge tactics against the Sensei. The ninja's of China are not to be messed with however, and will likely get you before you even think of getting them. Who will succeed?

-I wll add more synopsis ideas to this post later-


  1. Ok, plenty of ideas there. I think Musketeers generally feel more on the good side - they are flamboyant fencers and famed bodyguards to the king. So that puts ninja as the bad guys - their shadowy assassin techniques seem more obvious for evil doers.
    I do like synopsis #2, so I would incorporate both ideas:

    Cardinal Richelieu, aiming to seize more power from the king of France, steals sacred Chinese items of power, each summoning a great ninja champion. Now, the king is forced into exile, with a small band of loyal muketeers, who must defeat the Cardinals ninja guardians, and restore the rightful king to the throne, destroying the ninja artifacts in the process.

  2. Thanks for this feedback Justin.

    Looking back at this I also think #2 is the best idea, I feel its the most creative and least formative..and works!

    I'll also incorporate your idea. Cardinal Richelieu comes in very handy with this synopsis and allows for a freer approach. Il do a bit more research and tweaks then get to work!