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The Best Worst Movie/Troll 2 Review

[1]The Best Worst Movie (1989)

Troll 2, considered the "Best Worst Movie" in history, was directed by self proclaimed Italian director Claudio Fragasso and written by his wife Rossella Drudi . Claudio Fragasso was a writer of many films through the 70s and 80s. Troll 2 however stood out for its uniquely epic failure...

The Best Worst Movie was a tribute documentary to Troll 2, made nearly 20 years after in 2009. It looked back at the making of the film Troll 2 and its journey from being crowned the "worst film of all time" to a cherished cult classic. The documentary follows the Troll 2 film star Michael Stephenson  (the child star of Troll 2) as he sets out on his new adventure of discovering this new found Troll 2 cult. He travels the country in search of fellow cast members such as George Hardy, Margo Prey and  Jason Steadman. He speaks to fans and cast members of Troll 2 to find out how a low-budget horror film, directed by an egotistical and thickly accented Italian starring a cast full of amateur actors, found itself as being a cult classic.

[2]Joshua Waits in Troll 2, (1990)

"TO SAY A FILM IS “the worst movie ever made” is not only a bold statement, it’s a subjective one." (FilmFather, 2010).

Of course, naturally it is technically impossible to brand a single movie as being "the worst ever made", as its a very delicate, opinionated and argumentative subject. "FilmFather" says  [2]"there are definitely films with worse acting, cinematography, set design, etc. to rank them lower in the bowels of cinema sin."(FilmFather, 2010) which accentuates this point. One thing which could prove Troll 2 perhaps wasn't the worst film ever is the fan base that bought into the film through word of mouth and created this cult of spawning special screenings, Troll 2-themed parties, even body art, all dedicated to the "awfulness" of this film.

Evidently, each audience provide their own different views. Reviews of films from that of critics and film snobs will be much more serious and formally assessed, looking more into specific details about the film in terms of storyline, plot etc. On the flip side, a review derived from a fan, or just a general person who enjoys films, will approach their review in a more general matter, looking also at things that maybe a critic would feel is irrelevant such as the what the film has gone on to inspire. This is something Troll 2 has become most renowned for, and what has made it so popular in the first place despite what the critics think.

[3] Troll 2 fans, (2010)

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