Friday, 2 March 2012

(@Alan) Transcription:- Idea Adjustment

So my character at the moment is too generic, it hasn't any relevance to anything so it just a robot.

I had a think about this and before I totally start something new, I've come with some propositions.

Since I have what some may call a futuristic designed robot, I thought urban and electro music of today would be great to transcribe, Glitch Hop and certain types of Dubstep in particular. What better to use then a robot, right?

Since I want to make a transcription of a dance routine, I've researched and found some things of interest.

In the world of hip hop dance today, a twin duo known as "Les Twins" are doing it big and are quite successful at the moment. One of the reason they are starting to get noticed globally is that they have come with a new type of dance called "New Style Hip-Hop" which is ultimately like a hip-hop revival. New Style dance incoroprates a lot of experimental type moves, some more robotic and expressive while others quite suttle and smooth. The dance is in reaction to how the glitch hop genre they dance to, which sounds very "glitchy" at points, ofcourse.

This new cult was not said to have been started by the twins, but they are making it their own. Heres some footage of them.

In this video they are dancing to Dubstep, but this one especially shows the possibilities of how I can approach this animation.

The reason I am proposing this stuff is that I want to make my animation current/fictional, not set in the past. Also, I think this is different in a way, its a fussion of Glitch/Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) and Hip-Hop, so its not just a robot doing the robot! This kind of music tends to be paired with robots and machines because of the sound effects (a bit like in the dubstep transformer video in my previous post), so because its a robot I can push its performance a bit further and make it do some radical moves, like the robot in this animation showreel.

                                       Robot parts at 0:26 & 1:00

This is the song I have in mind to use

This tune is good for a lot of reasons. There is a lot of glitches in it which provide good opportunities for things like fluctuations in the animation, different comical interactions etc. In post production this could also prove useful for edits in the flow of the animation (adding/removing key frames to create the jumpy effects)

In conclusion I would like to transcribe Les Twins. I wish to do this using Glitch/IDM/Dubstep music and a robot.

I hope this gives a broad idea of what I want to do and is not still a no-no.

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  1. Hi Sean

    Ok, there are still a couple things missing regarding context.

    1) Who for? Why make this work and for what audience - Age group?, dance event?, viral? who is going to watch this?.

    2) Why a robot and where? Is the robot in a lab? Is a household robot that suddenly dances? Where does this robot belong? Do either of these suggestions fit with the music brand and audience?


    You need to question your work more and find a foundation and relevance for you ideas. Without thinking about audience or situation you are still working for yourself not the world.