Friday, 30 November 2012

Extended Research

Just some extra material i've found to aid in my own design. This is a game called AtomMate.

AtomMate is a chemistry card game that consists of a deck of 49 playing cards with the names, symbols and facts about the elements of the Periodic Table. It is used to play games that involve making chemical compounds. Designed for students aged 10 and up, it is a grow-with-me game.
Beginning students learn the names and symbols of the elements. Intermediate students learn to combine the elements to form molecules and compounds. More advanced students can use the cards to enhance their understanding of simple reaction.

The reason I'm siting this game is it proves to be an interesting example of a suitable game platform for which I can then make my own interpretation of.

An update post of my design progress so far will come as soon as I get my scanner back up and running.


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