Monday, 1 July 2013

Minor Part 2: Motown Mum: Research

So with my final project going over well, it was discussed that I should try and redo my minor in the same sort of way: a semi realistic character based design project focused around a true story of someone I know.

My tutor Alan asked if I knew anybody else with a quirky/interesting/different sort of job/career/activity that I could possibly base the project on. I didn't really have anyone come to mind at first, but after a talk with Alan about it he managed to help came to a decision.

The motive of this project is Motown, where I will be creating Vanessa (my mother) as a Motown figure.

I already know a little bit about Motown music through my mum; she actually starred in the Motown musical "Dancing In The Streets" when it came to the West End some years back, and so naturally I have seen the show and had even gone along with her on the Dancing In The Streets tour with the rest of the cast. She has provided some useful bits of info and images to fill some gaps.

Here's some influence maps displaying image based research, I intend to follow these throughout the project.

Above are images of different music groups from the 1960's-70s Motown era. I have only included those that were relevant to my mum whilst she was in the show, so a looked specifically at Diana Ross & The Supremes, Martha & The Vandella's and The Marvelettes.

Show Flyer
Mum performing in Dancing In The Streets
Chosen dress

 Here we have images from the West End show. After doing some initial designs I decided on the white dresses worn in the map above. I have only been allocated a few weeks for this project and feel that I will get the best results with a more simplistic approach.

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