Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Transcription:- Robot Model

I kinda started modelling my robot character, decided to go through with the robot instead of the boy.  I was finding it hard to decide which character to go through with and although the boy was a bit more interesting, I could see myself running into difficulties trying to portray that its actually a plastic object used to play music through as opposed to a real boy.

Progress so far on my robot.

Just the arms and head to go.

I havent drawn a finalised concept of the robot yet, im going off little sketches, will post that once its done. I'm trying to keep it simple and not stray off the path with a complicated model, this is so I can get that and rigging out of the way so I can move on to the animation stage, which is most important for my project :D

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  1. I think you should have a finalized concept for your character, it shows a good pipeline, and your gonna end up changing your mind like forever on the designs.

    Even if this is based on Performance you still need a decent and thought out design. My opinion is there's no way you should be modelling till you know what your modelling. Your gonna be wasting time changing your idea what do you think?