Monday, 20 February 2012

UPDATE: Transcription Idea Influences

Soooo....I havent been on the blog lately. Here's an update on my progress, starting with initial influences and early stuff.

After a talk with Alan, i've decided for my transcription project I am going to transcribe a montage of music into a short animation, styled a little like an advert. Since there a lot to do when it comes to making animation, I plan to keep the character and environment simple so I can focus on the animation itself.

Below are some things i've seen on youtube that I feel give an idea of what im aiming at.  I plan to make my character dance to the music.

This video "Dubstep Hands" is a something like a music visualisation but it also incorporates a person dancing and tutting in time to the music. His movements express what the music is doing, he moves faster as the music speeds up and does bigger moves at the drops.

The Transformer video, titled "How Dubstep Is REALLY Made (HD)", is a montage of clips from the film Transformers, orchestrated by a dubstep tune in the background. Transformers in this case is used expressionaty, as if to tell the songs story visually, thus transcribing it from one media to another.

Posting this robot video simply as reference

Again for reference on animating dance.


  1. You could get an existing dance and animate each step like on the weightlifting tutorial.

    These come to mind aswell, if it helps :)

  2. I had that in mind but wasnt really sure if we could do that or not. I have a routine in mind (kind of) but I will look back into this.


  3. You can use a routine, because thats the source you would be transcribing. Most of the videos you posted up the artists would have referenced a dance before hand unless they are a skilled performance