Sunday, 19 September 2010

                                             HELLO EVERYONE

Yes yes i know i've been very very quite on here and i appologise for that. I've been trying to get used to this blogging thing slowly and steadily and im finally going to make my first post, YAY.

Ok so we have been given our first brief last Friday, which is quite an exciting one to me.

Creative Project:

Following an unfortunate accident with your teleportation pod, you have been spliced genetically with an animal (the precise identity of which will be revealed at time of briefing). You are now an extraordinary hybrid!    o.O
You are challenged to record your metamorphosis by producing a full-figure self-portrait, painted digitally using Photoshop and graphics tablet. Please note - image manipulation of photographs is disallowed. Your self-portrait must be drawn/painted.

The creatures which were going to be revealed at the briefing were a mysterious box. o.o
The box contained folded up pieces of paper which we had to randomly choose, the name of our creature was on it. There was a little twist however. The names were written in we had to go and look up what the thing was to discover what animal we had. Mine was called Haliaeetus Leucocephalus, which translates as Bald Eagle ( Andriana you were quite right :p)

After watching all the work the 2nd and 3rd years had to display for us (which some I was a bit surprised at how much they had excelled) and listening to Phils breakdown of the course, i headed straight for my FREE BURGER.

Aswell as eating I found this a good opportunity to get talking with some of the class I hadnt spoken to yet, and what funny conversations we all ended up having.

I will soon post up what i have for my project

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