Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Maya Dice Project


Got my dice modelled

This is where i thought i ran into a problem. My texture UV looked nothing like Alan's so i thought something was wrong. I asked around the room for help but was encouraged to start again. I've never used Maya before but I knew there must be another way round this apart from starting again so i looked at the picture properly. I realised that what i had was basically the same thing, but a bit jumbled up. The outer square and the first inner square was in the right place but the other smaller squares were just out of place (they are what line the top of the picture).

I came up with a theory that i thought i would try before just giving up and starting over. My idea was to put the white dots over the squares in the dice and over the misplaced squares, then it should come out the way its supposed to.

This was how it  looked after i placed all the dots and hid the template

Walaah! I've textured my dice

This is how the final product looks. Ive added a "Chickens and Ladders" texture to the plane.


  1. Haha I love the plane's texture.

  2. Hehe yea something different to your average snakes and ladders i thought :p