Friday, 8 October 2010

2nd Photoshop lesson outcome

In this lesson my primary goal was to experiment in painting the "Photoshop" way, which is completely the other way round to which im used to working. In photoshop you tend to paint the background silhouette first and them fill it with not used to this way.

I didnt think i would come out with anything remotely recognisable, but i dont think i did too bad actually.

 Main silhouette done with a bit of shading.
 More detail added. Also have a little structure painted ontop in a new layer.
Final outcome of the days experimentation

With this experimentation i have learnt quite a bit more about Photoshop. Ive learnt how to shade not only with light and dark colours but also using the opasity tool, which i wasnt using at all before. I also learn't a bit more about how the pen tablet works.

Next lesson I will get more done in the way of transformation.

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  1. good to hear you're getting to grips with digital painting, Sean - looking forward to seeing your hybrid take shape over the coming days.