Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My Special Pen :)

Here is my development process of the pen I made in Maya

Got the basic shape of the front half down

Secondly, built the second half of the shell and placed it on the end of the pen. Also made the pen nib.

Made the clip for the pen and put it in place

This was basically the final outcome of my pen, i just needed to fix the lighting and the metal textures on the pen

Heres the final FINAL pen after adjusting the lights a bit and amending the textures.

The pen was pretty easy to me but somehow it still took longer to make then the dice. The thing i find the most difficult is lighting and texturing. I was trying to get a really shiny silver metal texture but with the lighting on i always ended up with a white colour. Another i thing i've picked up in which im not too sure about it image file types. When i rendered and saved as a TIFF, the image is more crisp but the silver colours turn bright white! But when i simply use JPEG the silver stays silver but the quality just isnt as good. If i could upload the TIFF versions you will see the difference im talking about. The renders are exactly the same (no colour alterations) but the colours come out different depending on the file types!

Anyway here is my final outcome for the pen. 

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