Sunday, 3 October 2010

Quick concept sketches of my hybrid designs

Here are some little sketches i done using different attributes of the bald eagle and myself. I tried a variation of combinations to see what i liked most. I also drew the character in different poses.

This was just something i tried out to see how it looked. I was going for the look of an eagle when it glides down and gets ready to catch its prey, but instead made the body a human squatting on one knee. The wings body and tail feathers are ofcourse eagle but the head, arms and legs are human. The idea i had in mind for this fusion was for it to be cut straight down the middle, so looking from a side view the front would be human and the back eagle( i might do a drawing of this so it makes more sense). 

This one was just me trying to be a bit more optimistic and not so obvious in my approach. I decided to give the eagle giant hands on his back which he uses to fly, only the arms are reformed so they can bend correctly and actually be useful....why not?

(Oh and yes incase you were wondering, i did do the hands and fingers and stuff all the wrong way round but oh well..)

More experimentation with different body parts. The thing I like most about the design is the idea of having hands as feet. I put the eagle heads on the end of the wings so that he would be able to catch prey a little easier, the downside is that flying will be more of a challenge.

The drawing on the right was simply a drawing of how the eye roughly looks ( I did this on the train)

More concepts.

I tried an on-all-fours approach this time, I think this makes the hybrid look more wild and animal like. The design portrays that aswell as it looking like a man-eagle hybrid, this thing also acts more like a mixture of mammal and bird in terms of its animal behaviour, the way it moves, hunting etc. I havent just picked for it to act one way or the other.

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