Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Space- Extract 1 Thumbnails + prep ideas

The Hall Of The Bright Carvings

Top Left:- A sketch of what the setting looks like. It is described as being in a lonely kingdom, walled off from the outside world with great stones.

Top Right:-A sketch of the castle, surrounded by ivy. It is said to have wastelands to its north and marshland to the south.

Middle:- Just a drawing of the island which the castle stood, from birds eye view. It shows a mountain in the middle sloping down to the different areas surrounding the island

Bottom Right:- This is the courtyard found inside the castle. This is the time of the ceremony when Lord Groan picks 3 carvings to be relegated to the Hall of the Bright Carvings.

Here are some sketches of inside the Hall of the Bright Carvings itself, with its occupier Rottcodd and visitor Flay.

The Great Kitchen

A rough prep drawing of the Great kitchen, mainly focusing on the position of things according to the book.
The top left sketch is what the great wall looks like with all the carvings on it.  

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