Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Space - Gormenghast Extract 3- Room of Roots Final

Here's my final piece, with work up images, of the Room of Roots. I'm quite pleased with this one mainly because I pushed myself in a different direction in terms of style (I'm quite linier normally I would say).


1. Drew BASIC squiggles and line for position and perspective planning, (this was basically so I knew where the walls, floor, ceiling was and what angles they were all at)

2. Added more detail

3. Added outline on certain shadow layers.

4. Made the outline fatter to block out some logs (early stage)

5. Coloured predominant areas black while adding light and dark grey tones to little areas to create contrast.

6. Turned dark grey areas white, this is prep for where the light will shine through the roots.

7. Added transparent brown layer and some minor adjustments.

8. Added very light pale streaks of blues & greens resembling light, flipped painting horizontally.

9. Started lightening overlay and making light more present simultaneously.

10. Finalising detail. Also converted brown overlay to an actual overlay, instead of turning down opacity.

11. Added the twins in the background, shadows and redone background window.

12. BG Hue & Saturation adjustments.

13. BG Colour Balance adjustments.


I dont feel I will be making many changes to this one as I feel it its accomplished enough, unless someone picks something out which i've missed.


  1. well done Sean, its soo weird how different your room is compared to mine, thats great :)
    Onli thing is maybe the lighting could be adjusted, it looks like there's gaps inbetween the roots, like theres daylight seeping through, as opposed to there being one light source which is the window, unless You wanted it like that.. either way its cool =)

  2. Lol, yes Alex the light is meant to "seep through" the gaps in the roots, Im happy i've succeeded in putting that across :D