Thursday, 25 November 2010

Space: Gormenghast Extract 2:- Influence Map on Visual Style & Environment.

Heres what I looked at as inspiration for the making of the second extract.

1. Lucky Luke Playstation game: When the designing process was done, I moved onto references for colour. I wanted to make this similar to the Hall of the Bright Carvings, but still a bit different. When playing around with the colours in Photoshop I remembered this game I used to play called Lucky Luke, what stood out to me in my head about it was its bright, almost exaggerated colour scheme that your likely to see in todays pixar films. After looking more into Lucky Luke I decided I would try and replicate its style but in a more updated way.

2. Hunedoara Castle Towers: These towers are close to what I imagine the smaller roofs of Gormenghast castle to look like. These would only be roofs for small rooms and I imagine this would be a roof on the attic, since the main attic and its branching rooms are quite detatched from the main building.

3. Castle Archway: Im not sure where this is but I plan to have an entrance & exit archway just like this in my piece. This will come in handy in the planning process.

4. Dundurn Castle: Again another plan reference. This was to see the features of a castle balcony and what it would actually look like as a whole.

5. Again I dont know where this building is or what its called, but this picture has helped me A LOT for most of my castle designs. The reason its helped is because of the perspective. I'm recreating a balcony but with this picture I can understand what your likely to see from the square below (which I also have plans for). This picture also encourages me to think outside the box and use more of my imagination to recreate the scene from the balcony. The features of this building, like the balustrades and the shape of the windows, bear resemblence to Gormenghast from what I have read and visualised in my head, which also makes this building helpful.

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