Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Initial Ideas

I've had some ideas after reading through what we have to produce, not sure if they are all correct but this is what i have as of now.

1. Old abandoned classroom/office.

-  Chairs spilled everywhere
-  Tables overturned
-  Ripped wallpaper
-  Broken bits of equipment.

Some examples

[1]zbruch, n.d.

 [2]Vivo (Ben) and Anosmia, n.d.

[3]oinkylicious, 2008

 [4] A Nightmare on Elm Street; Classroom scene, n.d.

2. Old Fairground

-  Abandoned rides
-  Old, Rusty
-  Overgrown with wildlife

 [5]hanszinsli, 2007
 [6]Vivo (Ben), n.d.

3.  Ghost town

-  Old
-  Wrecked/Destroyed objects and buildings
-  Abandoned houses and cars
-  Overgrown trees

 [7]rusocer, 2008

 [8]Jack-Sik, 2008

4.  Hospital

-  Severely rundown
-  Old
 [9]Vivo (Ben), 2008

5. Abandoned Airfield

- Old aeroplanes
          - different eras
          - different types
- Dusty, overgrown field
- Broken bits and pieces
- Empty Hangars

 [10]Rafael, n.d.

[11] Sam Judge, 2007

 Illustration List:

[1,2,3,5,6,7,9] Chernobyl
[1] zbruch, n.d., Chernobyl School 4 [online] Available at:
[2] Vivo (Ben) and Anosmia,n.d., Chernobyl School 2 [online] Available at:
[3] oinkylicious, 03/09/2008, Chernobyl School6 [online] Available at:
[5] hanszinsli, 21/08/2007, Chernobyl Bumper Cars [online] Available at:
[6] Vivo (Ben), n.d., Chernobyl Funfair [online] Available at:
[7] rusocer, 03/07/2008, Forrest Ghost City [online] Available at:
[9] Vivo (Ben), 22/04/2008, Chernobyl Hospital corridor [online] Available at:

[8] Jack-sik, 31/05/2008, I Am Legend vs Fallout 3 [online] Available at:

[4] [A Nightmare on Elm Street; Burnt Classroom Scene] n.d. [online] Available at

[10] Rafael, n.d., Abandoned Russian Aeroplane [online] Available at:

[11] Samuel Judge, 24/06/2007, Abandoned Hangar [online] Available at:

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  1. Hey Sean - yes, lots of moody, desolate scenes here - you're certainly on the right track! (From a technical point of view, you're going to be dealing with texturing, so these examples have lots of it!). Also, I don't know if you've had a chance to view/listen to the uncanny stuff yet, but the defining feature of the the uncanny is when 'the familiar turns on its owner' - or, put another way, it is when something not normally frightening makes us uneasy; so it's the opposite of monsters, spooky castles and torture chambers; it's when the homely (heimlich) becomes its opposite (unheimlich) and here 'home' means spaces and placed from which we would normally derive comfort, security and safety...