Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Final Street (with a few extras)

Finally finished the town house and street, took longer then I expected but finally finished it.



Door UV

House UV

Street Ambient Occlusion Shot 1

Street Ambient Occlusion Shot 2

Stree Beauty Shot 1 (with my own lighting)

Street Beauty Shot 2 (with my own lighting)

Street Beauty Shot 1 (with Ambient & Beauty flattened in PS) 

Street Beauty Shot 2 (with Ambient & Beauty flattened in PS)

These are just some extra things done for fun.

Street Invader

Street Invader (with the posse!)

Street Invader posing for cool picture ;D
I have learn't a lot more about Maya  then I thought I would doing this project. Sorry for it being done a bit late...

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  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Sean - firstly, congrats on finishing the Maya terrace. A labour of love + a bloody great spaceship...

    Okay - well, Alex is absolutely right, of course, in regard to your most recent thumbnail; humans are, indeed a no-no! You're simply not proficient enough yet to model human anatomy adequately - which is why, more stylised forms of the human body ARE included (mannequins/dolls) because the skillset is achievable.

    There's not a huge amount on here, Sean - (your reviews are a HUGE improvement - well done) - in regard to your conceptual development; you've identified an empty classroom and a train as potential environments, but there's not enough clarity of concept for me to give you a 'green light'. I suggest you do much more artist research and commit time to pushing this project along. You didn't attend your Unit 2 re-sub tutorial with me on Monday: I hope this means that you know exactly what you need to do in order to pass! Please get your unit 3 creative development updated as soon as possible - but, put simply, a trainful of identical twins is definitely a "no"!

    For guidance re. your unit 3 written assignment, follow the link: