Monday, 13 December 2010

Thumbnails (new idea)

A new idea I had in mind was to have a train FULL of identical twins. They all sit inanimate in the train and the siblings wear the exact same clothes. They move at the same time (e.g if one sips their drink, the other copies in the exact same way) The POV/camera angle is from someone who enters the train (not being a twin or knowing whats goin on ofcourse). This will make the person feel confused and maybe uneasy. 


  1. modelling humans is a no no for one. It will take up too much time, and Phil said that wasnt a good direction... It sounds like your coming from a place where everything is the same, almost a sense of fakery and disillusion about the world, like everything is too perfect to be the real world. If you are dead set on the twins idea there are many ways where you can imply it without using the humans... two sets of cups, two chairs newspapers together etc. This unit is about the uncanny enviroment and by adding people it would draw the eye away from the unfamiliar atmosphere we are to create if that makes sense....

  2. The idea of identical twins which also move almost identically was to accentuate the uncanny, the uneasiness you may feel if you were to be in that room with them all. I chose for them to be in a train because it is an enclosed space which you are unlikely to find groups of identical twins in (opposed to an outside space which is more free, a park for instance). I also dont see how having a group of twins in the same place can be "fake and dillusional", its just highly unlikely/coincidential unless planned.

    I was thinking to model something else besides humanns though, i know there isnt enough time for that. This is only an idea aswell so not sure if ill go through with it. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. But the thing is about this unit is that nothing is coincidential, everything in the scene is placed for a deeper meaning, whether it's obivious to the viewer or not, you just need to think about it deeper i think anywy :)