Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Some Thumbnails

I'm still not dead set on a final idea yet and still have a flurry of ideas that randomly come to me. Here are some thumbnails displaying some of those ideas.

These were some drawing of an abandoned street with a kids bike in the middle of the road. This was an early idea which I spanned other ideas off. I started drawing dolls that are quite happy looking, but make you feel wierd because of their happy faces when they are in a dull place.

 I was looking back into the first scene from "The Company Of Wolves" when drawing the top picture. In that particular scene you see a girl trying to get to sleep, the camera then pans along her shelf at the freaky looking dolls on display. This accompanied by the night, the open window and whistling wind creates an odd feeling which I was trying to put across in the thumbnail.

In the Tuc Shop picture was using the idea of kids+happy sweetshop= homely environment, but put a spooky shadow looming around the corner to try and make the homely slightly unhomely.

The abandoned classroom concept was influenced from some pictures of abandoned classrooms and such caused by Chernobyl. I also was looking at Avatars Abandoned classroom scene just to see how they done it in CG

Abandoned Airfield: Again just toying with abandonment, trying to find ways to make it unhomely

I was going for a different approach with the disco thumbnail, I thought i would go down the unusual/strange= unhomely route. There are load of people in the disco, but none of them are having a good time and infact are dreading their time there. People are bored, moping around, sitting on the floor, some even crying, basically all the behaviour your more likely to see in a prison then a disco for example.

Second image is a tree I was trying to make look like an illusional double image. I thought of taking a harmless object and making it look/seem a bit scary, but still not changing its actual features or functions. The trees branches are formed to make scary eyes while the hole is a mouth. This idea came to me after seeing a picture of a Pokemon called Masquerain. Masquerain is a butterfly-like creature with wings that look threatening, they are like this to scare off prey. Despite its appearance, Masquerain is usually a peaceful Pok√©mon.

Here is a sketch of a home that has just been moved into. It is bare with only some old stuff the previous owner had left behind. There are outlines on the floor from where sofa's once were, picture outlines on the walls etc. I also put a mirror on the wall opposite the door in the second picture. The mirror can be used to see behind the door from outside the room, but unconciously this may make an anxious person want to go "double check" and look behind the door properly.

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