Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ballerina sketches and development

Here were just some preliminary sketches of ballerina's of different shapes and sizes, all in different poses. I like the botom left and middle rigt ones the most, I was thinking the majority of the dancers would look like the slim one while maybe one or 2 will lok like the bigger one.

Again a couple of quick sketches. The top one was done to remember a ballet move that I saw in a video somewhere, the bottom one was to try and get the pose of a spinning move or leg extention correct.

These drawings are more related to my V3 script.  Here is a design for the dancers dress from the front and back. The dress is not an ordinary tutu, this dress comes equipped with beads over the torso with ball bearings along the rim of the tutu (all for glitzy decorational reasons).
The bottom sketch is how I envision a certain scene to look like in terms of the shot used and whats going on in the scene (first instance of ball bearings coming loose from the dresses)

Again this is another quick sketch experimenting with drawing from a specific camera angle I want to use in a scene. Its a slightly foreshortening shot watching a ball bearing shoot up into the roof where the show lights are. The top image is showing how the spotlight becomes immobilized and no longer follows the dancers.

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