Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Story Idea 1

Here's an idea for a story

Setting- Theatre

1. Female Ballet Dancers enter from stage left (line dancing). Audience clap very briefly

              - A mixture of slim and fat dancers, all approx same height.
              - White/ Pink Tutu's
              - Performing a mixture of arabesque moves in sync

2. Once on stage, the dancers form a circle. They perform simultaneous fouette turns while moving anti clockwise around the circle (all in sync)

3. Audience start to boo the dancers.

4. Someone in the audience starts throwing ball bearings at the dancers. He targets the big lady first. She is hit in the chest but is not affected.

5. More bearings are flung at the dancers, slowly building up from one at a time to three, then 5 etc. The slimmest dancers are taken down by the bearings, one by one.

6. We are now down to three dancers, 2 slim 1 fat, fat dancer in the middle and slim either side. (These dancers are the most elegant)

              - Dancers are now dancing in a line facing the audience again. Centre stage

7. The crowd is booing and bearings are flying towards the stage like bullets now. The dancers are kept on their toes.

             -  A Tilt shot of a bearing as it comes towards the stage (Inspired by "The Matrix")
followed by
             - Close up shot of big dancers face as she spots the bearing (with a slow motion pan)

8. Big dancer dodges the bearing.
             - Slow motion mid cam shot as she performs the dodge

9. The unexpected elegance of the big woman fascinates the crowd, and they start cheering her on (still throwing bearings of course)

10. Show ends with the woman doing some backbreaking arial move which is the climax of the show. She again dodges all bearing launched at her

11.All the other dancers then get up (battered and bruised) and they all curtsy simultaneously. Each and every one of them (apart from the last woman standing) are tired and wilting.

12. Curtains fall


The moral is basically not to judge a book by its cover! It is shown as a comedy to get the point across


  1. Try out writing a script for other ideas that we spoke about - for example sabotage based scene or you could also use those bearings somewhere in the decorations of the play. I think those ideas were working much better. Feel free to change your ideas, because it is still not too late and after you will have some more, you will be able to choose. Also try uploading your script through http://www.scribd.com/ . It is not much, but I think it might look a bit more professional.

  2. Hey thanks for the feedback D man!

    Yes dont worry i remember your talks and I also have more of my own ideas, i just need to get pen to paper and start structuring them for people to read.

    I will look at that scribd thing as well, thanks