Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Other uses of a ball bearing

[1] Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are small metal balls used in gears to reduce rotational friction, support radial and axial loads to distribute weight evenly. An example of this gear would be in a roller skate wheel

[2] Ball Bearing in skate wheel
There are many different types of ball bearing, but really this is the extent of their usage when you come to think of it....that is until you get creative!

Ball bearings have been used for a wide variety of things that are useful, but its also used for fun quirky things like obstacle courses, traps, triggers, chain reactions and much more  . You see the latter usage of the bearing in media and workshops. Here are some examples of how the bearing can be useful in many different circumstances.

Ball Bearing Roller Coaster:

Board Game: Mouse Trap:

Desk Dots:

Illustration List:

[1] Ball Bearings [electronic print] Available at:

[2] Ball Bearing in skate wheel [electronic print] Available at:


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