Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dress Design Ideas + Influence Map

Since the performance of these professionally picked, highly skilled dancers from around the world is meant to be soo highly contemplated and eagerly awaited, seating many fans, aspiring dancers and celebrities, I've decided that the normal ballerina suit and tutu simply wont cut it! I have been trying to design a more glitzy looking dress which is not only nice on the eye, but also retains its elegance whilst the dancers perform. The main build of the dress will be the same but it will have some added addons and accessories, the main thing being beads, shoulder extentions and some bearings along the rim of the tutu (shown in previous design sketches).

Heres some dresses I've been looking at as inspiration:

Torso design

Sequin Dance Dress- Latin Ballroom

Focusing on the beads and the embroidery

Middle dancer- Tutu design

Influence Map:

Here are some images of ballerina's and stage's I'm inspired by. I will be using this influence map to source my design ideas

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